Quit Throwing Things Away...Sell Them on Ebay!

10 Things you THROW AWAY that you could sell on Ebay!

Is One Man's Trash

Really Another Man's Treasure?

Have you ever watched the television show "Hoarders" ? If you have then I know that you have seen someone refer to an item as trash and throw it in the dumpster only to have the homeowner sneak themselves into the dumpster and come out carrying their prized possession. To a true hoarder, nothing is trash and everything has value or a purpose even when others don't see it. For my husband, this battle is everyday life.

Am I true "Hoarder".. not really. I do, however, tend to see value in items that others do not. Each day, I find something that has been tossed in the trash that I KNOW I can do something with. This week alone, I have saved a broken picture frame, a glass canning jar, an old cell phone, and a coupon pack. My husband has begun sneaking items into the trash can and then proceeds to watch the cans like a hawk until the garbage truck comes. I always tell him what I think I can do with my salvaged items and 9 out of 10 times, I never do anything with them. They simply sit in my private hoard until I am forced to purge my stash.

Why am I this way? It certainly wasn't how I was raised. My mother is constantly tossing out items that are valuable and useable. The local dumpster divers watch my parent's curb with anticipation every week. Its like an odds and ends store- You just never know what will be there! Until recently, these treasures were brought to me until my husband began inspecting each box brought into our home by my mother. He has gone as far as to tell my mother that I am under a "no more stuff" policy. Lame!

No matter how I became this way, I am thankful for Ebay. Finally, someone - somewhere- sees value in my junk! I have officially shut my husband up by selling our "trash" online. The first time I purged my hoard on Ebay, he was shocked to see that I brought in over $400 in broken electronics! Now, even my previously hesitent hubby is now looking through the items he is tossing out to see if I can make a few bucks from them online. FINALLY!!! I have the last laugh. He didn't have to say it....I was RIGHT!

Here are 10 things you may be throwing away that you can make money on!

1. Coupons - Today, I sold $10 in formula coupons for $5 in just 3 minutes! These come to me at no cost from the formula companies and since my son is on an organic formula (for which I never get coupons) I can't use them. You can buy and sell almost any coupons online..not a huge profit but ships cheaply and you weren't using them anyway!

2. Broken Electronics- This is my personal favorite! There are tech savvy individuals who can repair your items and still make a great profit from them when they re-sell them. Great items for me have been smart phones (1 sold for over $100), xbox 360 controllers (yes broken!), and old laptops with broken screens.

3. Empty Jars - Low profit but again, they were trash! Folks will use these to make homemade candles, package goods, etc. I saw canning jars, baby food jars, and jelly jars.

4. Empty game/movie cases - I will let you know how these sell because I have TONS of them! My kids loose or break the game and I am left with the case. Looks like xbox 360 and blueray holders are the fastest movers!

5. Trophies and awards - Okay, for these to sell, they have to look cool but they are selling! I would assume that folks buy these for decoration or to have their local shop put a newly engraved plate on it.

6. scratched DVDs and video games - these typically go in BIG lots but they are selling! I would assume that people can repair them? Not sure, if you know...clue me in!

7.instruction manuals - There are instructional and owner's manuals for everything on Ebay....even for lego kits! Some of them are going for decent money...I never even open them when they come in the box but for others, they are worth money.

8. Recipes - people SELL recipes! These can be delivered via email or snail mail. I will say that I truly don't get this one since you can internet search any recipe you want BUT hey, I am not going to knock someone's entrepreneurial spirit!

9. fabric scraps - If you are a craft-y individual then you know that you always seem to have extra scraps lying around. Quit throwing them away and make some money on them!

10. Your Junk Drawer! - Really, what is next, the kitchen sink? Actually- you can buy a kitchen sink. The junk drawer lots seem to look like antique collectibles and miscellaneous items but it did come out of someone's junk drawer! If you plan to sell yours, I would take out the carry out condiments and silverware first!

So....The saying is true...."One man's trash, Is another man's treasure" ! Be sure to double check your trash bags and try to make a little profit off of something you would have tossed away. Almost EVERYTHING has value and thanks to Ebay....we know what that value is.

My husband would appreciate your prayers for my "sickness" as he calls it. After researching this article...I have found even more things I can salvage and sell! :)
If you find something on Ebay that you would have trashed...please share!