10 FREE Paid Online Survey Sites!

Making Money With Online Surveys is Easy! Perfect for College Students, Parents, and Anyone looking for some Extra Cash!!!

ImageMaking money with Online Surveys is one of the most asked about topics when talking about how to make money online. There are hundreds of thousands of sites promising to make you RICH if you simply pay $49.95 for their list of survey sites...NEVER PAY for this information! If you simply do an internet search for these types of sites, you will get thousands of results. You will also see tons of reviews directing you to either sign in and make money or to stay clear. How do you know who to trust??
I have listed below some of the more "user friendly" survey sites. These sites have low payouts, easy to complete surveys, and are legit ways to make a little cash from your computer. Many of these sites will pay you cash or will pay you in points that can be converted to cash, gift cards, or prizes! I like to stick to the CASH! These sites won't make you rich but a little extra spending money is never a bad thing!
  1. Setup a separate email address for these sites. These sites can send a lot of survey requests and if you are doing multiple sites....it can be a lot of mail!
  2. Having a paypal account helps you get paid more quickly. Paypal costs you nothing to use and you can link it to your bank account for deposits. 
  3. Never give your credit card number out to these companies UNLESS you are signing up for a service. (i.e. you can sign up for Netflix through Inbox Dollars. you will get a certain amount of cash back in your account for your signup. Safe bet with them but if a site asked for this information...it would be a no)
  4. Be organized if you are signing up for "Free" trials that require a credit card.  Sure, you will get cash for signing up BUT that also means that they will be charging you the day that the "free offer" expires. If you want to earn money this way, be very diligent about canceling on the exact date!

Now that you have the tips.....HERE ARE SOME PAID SURVEY SITES!

1.  Global Test Market - click here to sign up!
  • Will pay you in points that convert to cash!
  • Payout is $50
2. Survey4Profit - click here to sign up!
  • Pays you in cash
  • Payout of $50
  • Offers paid emails, product testing, videos, referrals & even $5 for A Picture of your Payout Check!
3. SurveySavvy - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • Payout is only $1!!!
  • Paid surveys and very easy to earn!
4. Panda Research - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • Easy surveys and pay to participate offers
  • Payout at $50
5. Inbox Dollars - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • $30 payout level
  • $5 sign up BONUS!
  • Get paid to read emails, surf the web, paid to participate, earn from games, and even shopping!
6. Send Earnings -  Click Here to Sign Up!
  • $30 payout level 
  • $5 sign up BONUS
  • Get paid to read emails, surf the web, take special offers, play games, and even shop!
7. IPoll - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • $5 Sign Up BONUS!
  • Add earning with their Ipoll App for your phone! You can earn at the grocery!
8. Swagbucks-Click Here to Sign Up!
  • Earn points for shopping, surveys, deals, polls, coupons, etc!
  • Transfer points to cash or prizes!!
9. CashCrate - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • $1 sign up bonus
  • earn through games, surveys, paid to participate, etc!
  • LOW minimum payment of $20
  • Easy to earn
10. I-Say - Click here to get started!
  • VERY Well Respected
  • never a request for payment! surveys only
  • paid through points which convert to prize and CASH!
That is just a list of 10 to get you started! I will keep updating the list and adding new sites as they come up!

There are hundreds of sites and I don't want to recommend it until I personally have made some money from it.

Good luck on your surveys and please share any successes you have!