10 ways to save money at home

Have you been to a White Elephant Party?

10 EASY ways to save money at home!

The trick with saving money is just like it is for dieting...it can not be about deprivation....it's about making a lifestyle change that you can live with. Going cold turkey is why most diets fail and why we seem to save money for a week and then go back to spending. We all know that we can coupon, give our kids their haircuts, make our own coffee, etc... but we need more savings!

Here are 10 things that you can do to save money....good news...they are easy so START NOW!

1. Quit Buying Paper Towels - I know they are handy but coming from a restaurant management background...they are so unnecessary. If I ever would have seen an employee using paper towel on a mess, I would have screamed and asked for my $1 in paper waste and tossed him a towel..so why was I doing it at home?! Use your kitchen towels to clean up messes...it doens't seem like a lot but if you go through 2 rolls a week...that is over 100 rolls a year!

IMAG0490.jpg2. Make your own cleaning supplies! - You only need 5 ingredients to make your whole cleaning arsenal. Buy Arm and Hammer Washing soda, vinegar, borax, a bar of  fels naptha, and baking soda and you are set for everything INCLUDING LAUNDRY DETERGENT!

Homemade Ravioli!

3. Cook something from Scratch! - Packaging and Production costs a lot of money so of course the food companies pass it along to you in your food purchase! A can of biscuits can cost over $1 for 8 biscuits - make them from scratch and your cost is less than a dollar for a dozen! I started small with pancakes and tortillas and now buy almost NOTHING pre-packaged! I save about $50 a week on my grocery bill!

4. Water filter vs bottled - I know the cute bottles are the trend but buy yourself a fancy water cup with a filter and you get the best of both worlds. You have a stylish cup, great tasting water, and you save a TON of money! Check out the cute purple rubbermaid filter bottle- only $9.24 at target!

5. Make a list before shopping - I can count the number of times, on one hand, that I have went into a store and bought only what I needed. There is always an extra goodie for the kids, something I saw at the impulse aisle, or an extra good deal. Go shopping once a week for your big trip and on "whoops" trips...only buy what is on your list.  Think about it...if you grab a 20 ounce soda or water in the checkout, some candy for the kids, and $5 in extras...that is $10 more than what you were supposed to spend....it adds up quickl!

6. Split the juice! - My house goes through a lot of juice. Even with coupons, its $1 a jug and we are going through 2-3 a day. So....split it and add water. I simply keep an extra jug around and stretch the juice. The kids never know it! Not only does this save money BUT it reduces the amount of sugar the kids get. 

7. Shop online and get rewarded! - There are many of these out there but they pay you a percentage back on all of our purchases. I buy all of my diapers on Ebates through drugstore.com - I buy a case for $30 and get 15% back. It saves me the extras I would have bout on the grocery and I get a few bucks back in my checking account...I say that's a huge deal. There are hundreds of stores at Ebates so you can really add up money FAST! Click here to check out Ebates! - Swagbucks is super cool too! Check them out HERE you can get rewarded for surfing online and shopping!

8. Stack your coupons! So many grocery stores are eliminating the ability to stack clipped and digital coupons so...Add these apps to your couponing! These will reimburse you for your purchase INSTEAD of coming off your total at the register.  You earn cash and can get paid through paypal or your checking account.These are ON TOP of your coupons at the register!

  • Endorse -  CLICK HERE! They don't always dictate the brand and you can get extra earnings by sharing with friends. I get a 50% back on diapers every other week!! AND you can use this when you shop online and you can share offers with others (everyone gets different ones based on what you tell them you might buy!! Purchase and then upload your receipt!
  • Ibotta - Another great one! You earn rewards by answering a question, watching a commercial, or learning a 2 second fact ! CLICK HERE!  Simply complete our tasks,  purchase and upload the receipt.
  • Savingstar - CLICK HERE! You can actually add these to your shoppers card! The store has no clue you have it and it doesn't come off your total so it won't affect your paper coupons at all!
9. Quit buying trash bags! You already toss out tons of plastic and paper bags from the grocery each week...use them to line your trash bags! Even if you just use a few a week...over the course of a year, it adds up!

10. Go to the library!  Not only can you borrow books but they have movies too! Check out your local library and take your kids with you. Its a great free resource and there are always fun FREE activities for kids during the day!

**BONUS TIP** have a WHITE ELEPHANT PARTY with your friends! I know that some people are leery of thrift stores and second hand stores so make an event out of sharing with your friends!! Each friend brings at least 10 items that they no longer need. Find fun ways to select items and have snacks and cake. Its a great "mommy date" and a super fun way to get items for FREE!

Hope these Tips have been helpful in saving money at home! To really maximize your savings account...Keep a tally of what you save each time you use a tip above...add that amount to a money jar. Use your special savings for something fun that way it wasn't a sacrifice...it was a challenge!