DIY GAK RECIPE - 5 minutes to GOOEY FUN!

As a cheap mom (yes, I have reduced myself from frugal to cheap) I would like to think that I am teaching my children that ANYTHING we can buy in a store, we can make ourselves! So far....It is working! Now, when they see some new crazy pizza commercial, they don't ask if they can order it...they ask if we can make it - PROGRESS! So when they began begging for GAK...I decided that it was worth the trip to the worldwide web to see if we could DIY - AND WE CAN!

This was super fun to make and is still providing tons of fun a week later.

For those of you who don't know what GAK is a putty type substance that is a bit slimy and super stretchy.  It makes interesting noises and can be molded like putty but doesn't make a mess! It isn't all that expensive to buy at the stores - only about $6 - but in the spirit of teaching kids to was a priceless experiment!

TOTAL COST FOR 2 kids to make GAK $3!!!!

Note: Do not give to children under 3 as they may try to eat it. I do not recommend borax as a snack :)

To make your own GAK, you will need the following

- 8oz of White School Glue
- 1 1/2 tsp. Borax- In the laundry aisle - I use it in my homemade detergent
- Warm Water
-2 mixing bowls
-Food Coloring

  1. In bowl number one, empty out your glue bottle(s). Fill the glue bottle(s) with warm water - Shake and combine with glue.
  2. In second bowl, stir 1/4 cup or warm water with borax and food coloring.
  3. Slowly mix the two together. You will notice it beginning to become stringy and then a solid.
  4. You may have to start using your hands to squish and stir the goo!
  5. After a few have your own DIY GAK!
Store your GAK in an airtight container and it an be used AGAIN AND AGAIN!

If your kids LOVE it....You can also give it as a gift!


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