Save Money with Homemade Gift Boxes!

I guess the "greener" I get....the more "hippie" I am getting! I HATE seeing wrapping paper used then tossed away. Don't get me wrong though, I am not the type of person who reuses it either! Not only do I hate seeing the waste....I HATE seeing the price! Too often, I spend more on the card, gift bag, tissue paper, and bow than I did on the present! This Mother's day, I came up with a quick & cute solution which was as much fun to make as it was to give.

This year, my children made HOMEMADE GIFT BOXES! 

We started with a normal cereal box. The steps were so simple and the kids had a blast doing it.

Step 1
1. Reuse an old cereal box. Find the seam on the inside of the box.

Step 2

2. Gently separate the seam from the rest of the box. This will give you a nice clean line
and will make it so easy to reassemble.

Step 3

3. Now, fold the box open and lay it flat for the kids to color on. The inside is a great "kraft" colored surface so let the kids color away.

Step 4
4. When the kids are done, fold the box back into its original shape and tape down starting with the seam. Secure the seam, top, and bottom with a little tape and you are good to go!

BIG problem!

5. If you are wrapping something larger.....Go back to what you did in high school to cover your books! Grab your paper grocery bag and cut it down 1 side seam then along the entire "base" of the bag. Color the plain side of the bag and wrap gifts just like you would with wrapping paper.

Art work or gift box?

The recipients of the gifts did not mind one bit being handed special artwork and they didn't want to rip it! This is DEFINITELY something we will be doing more often. I have been reusing cereal boxes for some time to ship my Ebay items and I quickly realized that they have so many more uses! I hope that you enjoy this quick tip on how to save money when gift giving and try it next time you celebrate.