Save vs. Splurge...

 I am honored to have the fantastic Katie from Moore from Katie here to talk about what items she advises saving on and which she says to splurge on when buying for baby!

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Which Baby Items Are Worth the Extra Money?

When I was a new mom I faced so many decisions about what to buy for my baby. Would I really need that $200 baby swing? Was it safe to buy something used? Could a trust a used crib would stay together and keep my child safe? Along the way I learned which things were definitely worth the splurge and which were not.

Splurge: Jogging Stroller
One of the first items I bought that I decided was worth the “splurge” was a jogging stroller. They are incredibly easy to maneuver, especially compared to traditional strollers. I also found that my jogging stroller was easier to store and had a wheel lock, which made it easier to control. Plus, there are hand breaks for navigating ramps and hills. This is definitely a baby item worth spending the extra money.

Save: Diaper Research
On the flip side, my experience with my daughter showed me some areas I could save money (so I could afford my splurge). Believe it or not, cloth diapers really do save you money. There was a larger up front investment, but I recouped my costs within five months. You can shop around for used cloth diapers as well. Not only was my child more comfortable in cloth, but we also avoided the chemicals in disposable diapers. No more weird smells and fewer diaper rashes are both a win in my book!

Splurge: Cord Blood Banking
While I may have saved money with my diapering solution, I knew that one splurge I could not pass up was cord blood banking. My instincts told me to do anything possible to help protect my baby’s future health and this one was an easy choice. After learning about my baby's cord blood, I discovered I could preserve the valuable cells found within and that someday these cells could potentially be used in a medical treatment for my baby, or possibly a sibling. . As with any medical decision, you should discuss your available options with your doctor and then decide what is best for your baby and your family..

Splurge: Baby Laundry Detergent
One of the little areas to save is to not buy into everything geared for your little one. Let me tell you now that you do not need to spend extra for fancy baby laundry detergent. Sure, babies have more sensitive skin, but you can find a gentler soap that is much cheaper than the bottle with the baby on it. Choosing a dye and fragrance free detergent is just as good in my opinion. I have even had some friends who make their own detergent. They use every day household ingredients and save money at the same time.

Since my daughter is almost two, I often think about what I would change with a second baby. I learned so much from my first pregnancy and I’m able to cut costs efficiently- while keeping the family happy! Look closely at where your money is spent and I figure out you own ways to save- it becomes fun and easy!

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